The Treasure (1990)


Adventure is afoot in the small coastal town of Emerald Cove. Dave Shipper is all set to enjoy a quiet summer, but the arrival of his cousin Jon throws a wrench in his plans. Rather by chance, they happen upon an old map that sets them on a quest, along with Dave’s friend Freddy , to seek out a legendary treasure said to be buried deep inside the ocean cliffs. With the help of an old local fisherman, the boys compile clues that unravel a 30-year-old murder mystery and lead them closer to their prize. They quickly draw the attention of a bumbling crew of malicious treasure-hunters and a mysterious pickaxe-wielding “digger”, all intent on capturing the gold for themselves.

Director: Robert Cording.
Stars: John Weisbarth, Freddy Rible, Frank Jimison, Tom Hodgins, Earl Young, Leona Campbell, Lane Post, David Potter Duff, Marvin Ross, Ron Bair, Bonnie Dillingham, Bevin Kenan, Than Craddock, Donald Walker, Phillip Cohen.


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