Bu tuo wa de ren (1989) AKA A Fishy Story


A troubled romance set against the backdrop of thepolitically-inspired riots that swept Hong Kong in 1967. The central couple are neighbors in a Kowloon City tenement, situated right under the flight path into Hong Kong’s airport. He drives an unlicensed taxi, she is a go-getting movie actress. Just as they begin to realize how much they need each other, the riots tear them apart.

Director: Anthony Chan (as Antony Chan). AKA 不脫襪的人 / A Fishy Story
Stars: Kenny Bee, Maggie Cheung, Anthony Chan, Josephine Koo, Carrie Ng, Margaret Lee, Lam Chung.


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  1. Maxchen
    November 24, 2023

    Could you upload this with soft subtitles? Thanks in advance, really love your site.

  2. Konstantinos
    February 27, 2024

    Could you re-upload this for download? Many thanks in advance!

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