You Light Up My Life (1977)


Laurie has been in show business since she was a child. Her dream is to be a singer, songwriter and actress. Her father wants her to be a comedian like him and Laurie only tries because it pleases her father. But she is a lousy comedian. She auditions for everything and is engaged to Ken, but Ken does not understand her needs. She has a one night stand with Chris, only to later find that he is a director. She has many emotions that have not yet been addressed and she must face them before she can get on with her life.

Director: Joseph Brooks.
Stars: Didi Conn, Joe Silver, Michael Zaslow, Stephen Nathan, Melanie Mayron, Jerry Keller, Lisa Reeves, Ed Morgan, Bernice Nicholson, Simmy Bow, Joe Brooks, Amy Letterman, Marty Zagon, Martin Gish.

1978 Academy Awards – Nominated for an Oscar for Best Music, Original Song (Joseph Brooks).
1978 Golden Globes РNominated for the Award for Best Original Song РMotion Picture (Joseph Brooks).


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  1. Steves
    August 17, 2019

    Don’t know if this is any good or not, but definitely worth saving for historical value. Awesome work, Jon!

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