Why Me? (1990)


Gus and Bruno are two hard-working, mismatched jewel thieves who dream of scoring it big. During a diamond heist they unwittingly steal Turkey’s most prized possession – the Byzantine Fire, an ancient ruby ring that also happens to carry an evil curse. Soon Gus and Bruno find themselves on the hit list of every jewel thief, cop and political fanatic as they try to steal back the coveted ring.

Director: Gene Quintano.
Writers: Donald E. Westlake (book), Donald E. Westlake & David Koepp (screenplay) (as Leonard Maas Jr.).
Stars: Christopher Lambert, Kim Greist, Christopher Lloyd, J.T. Walsh, Gregory Millar, Wendel Meldrum, Michael J. Pollard, John Hancock, Tony Plana, Thomas Callaway, Jack Kehler, Rene Assa, Sebastian Massa, Kate Benton, Jack Heller.


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