Karkalou (1984)


A film about the imagination. The present of man is extremely limited. He has been excluded from the future and even the past is nothing more than a source of gentle memories. Without bitterness he tries to make a last move. A move that may not actually exist, but gives some hope for a wildcard. 

Director: Stavros Tornes.
Stars: Stelios Anastasiadis, Ismini Kariotaki, Marios Karamanis, Yannis Iliopoulos, Leon Maniatis, Vassilis Loules, Hristos Markopoulos, Eleni Maniati, Dimos Theos.


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  1. Steves
    June 11, 2019

    You’re back, Jon! Hope your personal problems have gotten better. Wish you all the luck!

    Thanks for the new films!

  2. Dora
    December 27, 2022

    Thank you very much for your exceptional work, i am speechless…! This great film is so underestimated, i would rather say mostly unknown, in Greece..

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