Grumpy (1930)


Grumpy, a retired London criminal lawyer who lives on his country estate with his granddaughter, Virginia, is a witty and lovable, though temperamental, old man. Jarvis, one of Virginia’s recent acquaintances, is their houseguest when Ernest Heron, Virginia’s sweetheart, returns from South Africa as the secret bearer of a valuable diamond. That night, Ernest is attacked in the library and the diamond is stolen, the only clue being a camellia placed in his hand.

Director: George Cukor & Cyril Gardner.
Stars: Cyril Maude, Phillips Holmes, Frances Dade, Paul Lukas, Halliwell Hobbes, Paul Cavanagh, Doris Luray, Olaf Hytten, Robert Bolder, Colin Kenny.


Note: Quality is not very good for this one, not awful but not great either, if you have a better quality copy please let me know, I’ve been looking for a good copy of this film for many years.

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  1. June 19, 2019

    Very stagey, talkie film about a stolen diamond does not do much to engage with the audience, but the presence of Cyril Maude in the role that made him world-famous throughout the theatre world is a delightful treat. It is almost impossible to see him on film since almost half of his twelve films appeared pre-talkies. So take the opportunity to see one of the stage’s most legendary figures in the role that made him famous. On the other side of the camera, this would be the first accredited feature film work for George Cukor in a career that lasted until 1981.

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