Disco Fever (1978) AKA Jukebox

Ex-teen idol Desmond and his comical manager get mixed up with a jaded night club owner who wants to sign Desmond as the opening act on a swingin’ Acapulco bound disco plane. No “Top 40” hits to be found, this film contains completely original songs and music. Featuring a cameo by Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quinones of Breakin’ fame!

Director: Lamar Card. AKA Jukebox
Stars: Fabian, Casey Kasem, Phoebe Dorin, Susette Carroll, Rick Goldman, Michael Blodgett, George Barris, Shirley Barris, Irwin Schaeffer, Tanya Lemani, Joel Kramer, Stephanie Black, Joji Barris, Shotzi Barris, Jack Parker.


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