Der Fußgänger (1973) AKA The Pedestrian

Aging German man Heinz Alfred Geise is a successful business owner whose past is quite haunting; during World War II he helped orchestrate a Nazi-led bloodbath in a small Greek village. When this secret is exposed in a newspaper article, it causes his son, Andreas, to try to kill both his father and himself. 

Director: Maximilian Schell.
Stars: Peggy Ashcroft, Gertrud Bald, Elisabeth Bergner, Lil Dagover, Käthe Haack, Peter Hall, Gustav Rudolf Sellner, Maximilian Schell, Ruth Hausmeister, Dagmar Hirtz, Johanna Hofer, Silvia Hürlimann, Christian Kohlund, Walter Kohut, Alexander May, Herbert Mensching, Peter Moland, Herbert Mensching Françoise Rosay. AKA The Pedestrian

1974 Academy Awards – Nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.
1974 Golden Globes – Winner for the Award for Best Foreign Film.


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  1. Michael
    September 12, 2019

    Maximilian Schell. directed a handful of films and all very good, The Pedestrian is no exception, excellent film

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