Demolition Day (1995) AKA Captain Nuke and the Bomber Boys

Three teenage boys inadvertently find themselves holding the adult world hostage in this in this wild comedy caper. When Slug, Mickey and Frank flee to a secret hideout to avoid their angry parents, they find an atomic bomb! Instead of turning it in, they call the President and demand that he… cancels school! Suddenly, the FBI is on their Trail, a pair of bumbling crooks steal the bomb, and mischievous fun turns into chaotic danger! Now the boys are in a race against time to clear their names… and save the world!

Director: Charles Gale.
Stars: Joe Mantegna, Martin Sheen, Joanna Pacula, Rod Steiger, Joe Piscopo, Ryan Thomas Johnson, Joshua Schaefer, Michael Bower, Kate Mulgrew, Wanda De Jesus, Michael Talbott, Ben Livingston, Don Pugsley, Kelly Morgan, John Snee. AKA Captain Nuke and the Bomber Boys


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