Extramuros (1985)


When the convent is about to be closed and the nuns are dispersed, one of the sisters comes up with a saving idea that can restore the community’s well-being. This 1985 Spanish film reveals one of the many terrible aspects of 16th century Spain, still plagued by the radical Christian Inquisition, one of a plethora of difficulties Spaniards faced at the time. 

Director: Miguel Picazo.
Stars: Carmen Maura, Mercedes Sampietro, Aurora Bautista, Assumpta Serna, Amparo Valle, Cándida Losada, Antonio Ferrandis, Manuel Alexandre, Conrado San Martín, Fernando Cebrián, Félix Dafauce, Marta Fernández Muro, Diana Peñalver, María Elena Flores, Lola Lemos, Valentín Paredes, Luisa Sala, Carlos Marchi.


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