La città prigioniera (1962) AKA Conquered City / The Captive City

Filmed in 1962 but not released in the US until 1966 (with 20 of its 108 minutes removed), Conquered City is an all-star World War II drama financed in Italy and filmed in Greece. An Athens hotel, full of refugees and expatriates of all nationalities, is captured by Allied troops in the closing days of the War. British Major Peter Whitfield has been ordered to prevent a cache of weapons hidden in the hotel from falling into the hands of renegade troops. He cannot allow himself to trust anyone–not even the most innocent-looking (or attractive) of guests.

Director: Joseph Anthony.
Stars: David Niven, Lea Massari, Ben Gazzara, Daniela Rocca, Martin Balsam, Michael Craig, Clelia Mattania, Giulio Bosetti, Percy Herbert, Ivo Garrani, Venantino Venantini, Carlo Hintermann, Adelmo Di Fraia. AKA Conquered City / The Captive City


Note: Italian audio. Looks like the movie was filmed in English at least that’s what IMDb says but I can’t find a copy of that version, I’m guessing that it might be lost. This print comes from a French television broadcast which had French subtitled embedded on it, someone managed to add a black bar to cover them and add English subtitles.

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