Bof… Anatomie d’un livreur (1971) AKA Who Cares: Anatomy of a Delivery Boy


Experiencing something of a mid-life crisis after his beloved son marries and moves out, a factory worker makes some drastic changes in his life, moves in with the boy and his wife, and sets them all on the path to a communal lifestyle.

Director: Claude Faraldo. AKA Who Cares: Anatomy of a Delivery Boy
Stars: Marie Dubois, Marie-Hélène Breillat, Paul Crauchet, Julian Negulesco, Mamadou Diop, Michel Fortin, Annick Fougery, Lara Lane, Marie Mergey, Aude Loring, Armand Abplanalp, Michel Garland, Paul Bisciglia, Jocelyne Dill, Jocelyne Beauchêne. 


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