The Naked Man (1998)


Dr. Edward Blis, Jr, a chiropractor by day, moonlights as a professional wrestler at night. His wrestling name is the Naked Man and he wears a naked body suit when wrestling. After his parents are killed by Sticks Varona, a cripple with crutches which double asmachine guns, and an Elvis Presley impersonator, he loses his sanity. He adopts the persona of his wrestling character and goes on a rampage of revenge.

Director: J. Todd Anderson.
Stars: Michael Rapaport, Rachael Leigh Cook, Michael Jeter, John Carroll Lynch, Arija Bareikis, Martin Ferrero, Joe Grifasi, John Slattery, Peter Thoemke, Nancy Plank, Steve Shaffer, Charles Brin, Jessica Shepherd, Jesse Morse, Katherine Disque.


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  1. Christine
    February 9, 2023

    I loved The Naked Man. Funny and creatively bizzare!

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