Sealed Verdict (1948)


Maj. Robert Lawson, a lawyer working in Germany as part of the American Army’s tribunal for prosecuting Nazi war criminals, successfully convicts Gen. Otto Stigman of war crimes. Defense witness Themis DeLisle, whose French Resistance father’s life was saved by Stigman, insists the German officer is innocent. Despite pressure from his superiors, Lawson decides to reopen his investigation, uncovering evidence that may clear Stiegman.

Director: Lewis Allen.
Stars: Ray Milland, Florence Marley, John Hoyt, Norbert Schiller, Patricia Miller, John Ridgely, Broderick Crawford, Charles Evans, Ludwig Donath, Celia Lovsky, James Bell, Elisabeth Risdon, Olive Blakeney, Paul Lees, June Jeffery, Dan Tobin, Frank Conroy, John Eldredge, Dave Willock, Selmer Jackson, Torben Meyer, Ann Doran, Dorothy Granger, Carole Matthews, John Wengraf, Paula Raymond.


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