Monkeys in the Attic (1974)


Four self-absorbed artists living together in one mad house as if in one mad mind but all somewhere else who knows where, lost each in themselves and in their search for the perpetually elusive love or joy or hope or whatever… in a night of craziness where nothing makes sense, their art, their fantasy, their relationships, all sheathed in a veneer of filmic formality and all amounting to nothing, dreams, vanishing like the vapours of night at sunrise.

Director: Morley Markson.
Stars: Jess Walton, Jackie Burroughs, Louis Del Grande, Victor Garber, Jim Henshaw.


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  1. Cameron
    October 1, 2023

    Any leads on “The Tragic Diary of Zero the Fool” (’70) by the same director? It supposedly influenced Werner Herzog in the making of “Heart of Glass” (’76).

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