Island of Lost Men (1939)


An altered remake of 1933’s “White Woman,” finds cabaret-singer Kim Ling, daughter of a Chinese general who has been accused of absconding with government funds, arriving in the Straits Settlement. There, she meets Gregory Prin, a half-caste gun-runner and head of a jungle empire where he treats the Malaysians ruthlessly. She meets Prin and agrees to accompany him in search of her father, as she has several reasons to believe Prin is holding her father prisoner.

Director: Kurt Neumann.
Writers: Norman Reilly Raine & Frank Butler (play), William R. Lipman & Horace McCoy (screenplay).
Stars: Anna May Wong, J. Carrol Naish, Eric Blore, Ernest Truex, Broderick Crawford, Anthony Quinn, William Haade, Rudolf Forster, Richard Loo.


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