Sellaisena kuin sinä minut halusit (1944) AKA The Way You Wanted Me


A girl who moves to the city after her fiancé lacks the courage to face his father, who is against their relationship. In the city the girl winds up being abused by men, giving birth to a child and supporting herself on prostitution.

Director: Teuvo Tulio.  AKA The Way You Wanted Me
Writers: Ahti H. Einola (story) (uncredited), Nisse Hirn (as Filmimies).
Stars: Marie-Louise Fock, Ture Ara, Kunto Karapää, Lauri Korpela, Annie Sundman, Ida Salmi, Sven Relander, Paavo Jännes, Frans Kampman.


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  1. January 29, 2019

    I’m so excited for more people to see these Tulio films. They are completely nuts and often awesome. My introduction was LEVOTON VERI. Talk about jumping in at the deep end.

  2. Michael
    April 1, 2019

    very good film

  3. Wolfgang Jahn
    July 10, 2022

    34:10 … and she was a virgin no more …

  4. Wolfgang Jahn
    July 11, 2022

    I love movies, which play like silent movies for whole passages, the expressionist faces, marvellous. This is from the mid-40ies, but nevertheless has lengthy scenes without any dialogue.

    It’s great but a bit uneven tough. I rate it 8/10.

    The German movie “industry” in the 1930ies and 40ies excelled in dramas like these, where either women or men did never get the love they desired and women often succumbed to prostitution. There are dozens of that sort.

    Two I wanna point out as highlights, which’d definitly deserve to be put on this site, are DER POSTMEISTER from 1940 with the unforgettable Heinrich George and Hilde KRAHL, directed by Gustav Ucicky, the son of Gustav Klimt, a masterpiece (10/10), and of course KATHARINA DIE LETZTE from 1936, starring Francisca Gaal and the superb Hans Holt, directed by Henry Koster, yes THAT Henry Koster, also 10/10. Definitly worth tracking down, but not dubbed, as dar as I know. Essential viewing!

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