Why Girls Leave Home (1945)


In this crime drama a young woman leaves her unhappy life at home to become a sophisticated night club singer. Her first job is nearly fatal when she entangles herself with the mobsters who own the joint and learns too much about their operation. Her boss decides to kill her and make it look like suicide. An intrepid reporter disbelieves the report and exposes the truth to the public.

Director: William Berke.
Stars: Lola Lane, Sheldon Leonard, Pamela Blake, Elisha Cook Jr., Paul Guilfoyle, Constance Worth, Claudia Drake, Virginia Brissac, Thomas E. Jackson, Evelyn Eaton, Peggy Lou Bianco, Fred Kohler Jr., Walter Baldwin, Robert Emmett Keane.

1946 Academy Awards – Nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Score (Walter Greene).
1946 Academy Awards – Nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song (Jay Livingston/Ray Evans).


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  1. Steve Burstein
    December 14, 2018

    Producer Sam Sax also produced Warner Vitaphone shorts in the 30s.

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