Dancing on a Dime (1940)


The story concerns an entertainment troupe financed by the government’s Work Projects Administration. When the WPA drops its funding, the young performers despair until they come across an abandoned roll of money. Unaware that the cash is counterfeit, the kids use this windfall to finance their upcoming show, but the Feds catch up with them on opening night. Will a last-minute miracle permit the film to end on a happy note? The Frank Loesser-Burton Lane songs included one bonafide hit, “I Hear Music”.

Director: Joseph Santley.
Stars: Grace McDonald, Robert Paige, Virginia Dale, Peter Lind Hayes, Lillian Cornell, William Frawley, Eddie Quillan, Frank Jenks, Carol Adams, John Gallaudet, Phillip Terry, George Meader, Charles Lane, Arthur Aylesworth, Wanda McKay.


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