Prebroyavane na divite zaytzi (1973) AKA The Hare Census


The daily routine in the village of Yugla is shaken by the statistician clerk Asenov who come with a mission to take the census of the hares in the locality. He makes the village mayor Bay Georgi mobilize the local men in realization of the absurd task. On the very day all the village men are in the field. The mayor, the teacher, the veterinarian… even an old men join the group. Naturally all the efforts failed in fulfilling the mission since not a single hare came into sight.

Director: Eduard Zahariev. The Hare Census / Számláljátok meg a vadnyulakat! / Преброяване на дивите зайци
Stars: Itzhak Fintzi, Nikola Todev, Georgi Rusev, Evstati Stratev, Todor Kolev, Filip Trifonov, Maya Dragomanska.


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  1. Michael
    January 16, 2019

    I have only seen a handful of Bulgaria films, this film is a delight. thank you once again Jon

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