El Misterio de la Puerta del Sol (1930)


Pompeyo and Rodolfo work at the “Heraldo de Madrid”, but they dream of becoming film actors. They go to a casting for an American film that is being shot for a few days in Madrid. After being rejected, as a way to become famous, they decide to fake the murder of one of them in the city’s Puerta del Sol Square. They steal a skeleton, burn it, and make everybody believe that it is the remains of Pompeyo. As part of the plan, Pompeyo goes to Barcelona. The plot thickens when Rodolfo is detained, accused of the murder. 

Spain’s first talking movie.

Director: Francisco Elías.
Stars: Juan de Orduña, Anita Moreno, Jack Castello, Antonio Barber, Teresa Penella, Carlos Rufart, Federico Kirkpatrick, Pablo de la Cruz, Jesús Baños, Diego Moreno.


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  1. Michael
    January 7, 2019

    it is fantastic to see a lost film and found and restored. Thanks Jon for uploading this film for others to see and share

  2. Dan
    April 17, 2019

    Though this film was produced in 1929 it wasn’t released until January, 1930 according to wikipedia and imdb.

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