Northern Lights (1978)

The bitter-sweet story of young lovers caught up in a political struggle waged by farmers against the grain trade, the banks, and the railroads. Set in North Dakota during 1915-16, a largely forgotten era of American history.

Director: John Hanson & Rob Nilsson.
Stars: Robert Behling, Susan Lynch, Joe Spano, Ray Ness, Marianna Åström-De Fina, Helen Ness, Thorbjörn Rue, Nick Eldredge, Jon Ness, Gary Hanisch, Melvin Rodvold, Adelaide Thorntveidt, Mabel Rue, Krist Toresen.


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  1. Renny
    October 23, 2018

    Now ur speaking to me, Jon! Thanks! I hope Hanson’s ‘Wildrose (1984)’ someday becomes available.

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