Misterios de la Magia Negra (1958) AKA Mysteries of Black Magic / Return from the Beyond


Professor Tejada is an expert in magic. He and his daughter go to a show by the magician Eglé Elohim, they are fascinated by their demonstrations of great power, so he decides to investigate more about Eglé, without knowing the torment that is coming.

Director: Miguel M. Delgado. AKA Mysteries of Black Magic / Return from the Beyond
Stars: Nadia Haro Oliva, Carlos Riquelme, Aldo Monti, Lulú Parga, Angelines Fernández, Carlos Ancira, Reynaldo Rivera, Gerardo del Castillo, Francisco Reiguera, Ada Carrasco. 


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  1. Catherine
    May 4, 2021

    Atmospheric and shivery fun! The elegant actress who plays the sorceress is so charming that she really doesn’t need Satanic powers to be persuasive. Thanks!

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