Maya (1949)


Based on a venerable Legend of the Sea, the story concerns a pliable prostitute named Bella who is all things to all men. No matter what sort of woman her client wants, she will become that woman — at least for the night. When a middle-aged man named Jean insists that Bella is his long-lost sweetheart, she plays along, hoping to escape her sordid lifestyle. The emotional tragedy that follows is meant to explain how Bella became “Maya,” the living embodiment of Lost Souls.

Director: Raymond Bernard.
Stars: Viviane Romance, Marcel Dalio, Jean-Pierre Grenier, Jacques Castelot, Georges Douking, Valéry Inkijinoff, Georges Vitray, Maurice Régamey, Max Dalban, Françoise Hornez, Fréhel, Philippe Nicaud, Jane Morlet, Marthe Sarbel, Xénia Monty.


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  1. JW
    October 24, 2018

    !!!Thanks!!! Was very much wanting to see this. I tip my hat to you, Jon!

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