Djavolji raj (1989) AKA That Summer of White Roses


It’s the last summer of the Second World War in Yugoslavia, but so far nothing much of this has touched Andrea. He’s the lifeguard who has never had to save a life and as such is a well-liked figure of fun. Yet, as far as he is concerned, the river is good to him, giving, and not taking. However, the evils of war are not far away. Andrea agrees to take care of two refugees, the widow of a partisan and her son. Andrea and his friend Martin are uneasy… The water devil, who lives near Martin’s house in the faery waters, is becoming restive, and this means trouble. Andrea, however, is delighted when he saves his first drowning man. But just whose life has he saved?

Director: Rajko Grlic.
Stars: Tom Conti, Susan George, Nitzan Sharron, Rod Steiger, Alun Armstrong, John Sharp, John Gill, Miljenko Brlecic, Slobodan Sembera, Vanja Drach, Geoffrey Whitehead,Tomislav Srebacic, Stanka Gjuric, Branko Cvejic, Toso Jelic. AKA That Summer of White Roses


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