Quiet Wedding (1941)


Margaret Lockwood stars as bride-to-be Janet Royd, who is driven crazy by the well-meaning interference of friends and family in the hours prior to her wedding. Sensing that she’ll never have a moment alone with her fiance Dallas Chaytor even after they’re married. Janet agrees to slip away with Dallas the night before the Big Event for a few hours of uninterrupted bliss.¬†

Director: Anthony Asquith.
Stars: Margaret Lockwood, Derek Farr, marjorie Fielding, A.E. Matthews, Athene Sayler, Jean Cadell, Margaretta Scott, David Tomlinson, Sidney King, Peggy Ashcroft, Frank Cellier, Roland Culver, Muriel Pavlow, Margaret Rutheford, Martita Hunt, Charles Carson, Bernard Miles.


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