Les jeux de l’amour (1960) AKA The Love Game / The Lovers


Suzanne wants to marry Victor and have children with him. Victor on the other hand isn’t interested in becoming a husband or a father. While he cannot be bothered into complying with her wishes, their mutual friend Francois would be happy to do so. Consequently Suzanne eventually turns to Francois. This leaves Victor no other choice than to change his mind if he wants Suzanne back.

Director: Philippe de Broca.
Stars: Jean-Pierre Cassel, Geneviève Cluny, Jean-Louis Maury, Robert Vattier, Claude Cerval, Pierre Repp, Maria Pacôme, Jeanne Pérez, François Maistre, Lud Germain, Claude Chabrol, Mario David. AKA The Love Game / The Lovers


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