Ritratto di borghesia in nero (1978) AKA Nest of Vipers


A background of rising fascism in Venice in 1930s. A music-student, Matthias, mixes with the town’s bourgeoisie and falls in love with a mature teacher, Carla, the mother of his friend Renato, and then with his young colleague, Elena. The themes include blackmail, betrayal, seduction, and eventually murder. 

Director: Tonino Cervi. AKA Nest of Vipers
Stars: Senta Berger, Ornella Muti, Mattia Sbragia, Stefano Patrizi, Capucine, Paolo Bonacelli, Giuliana Calandra, Giancarlo Sbragia, Maria Monti, Eros Pagni, Christian Borromeo. 


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