Nijisseiki Shônen Dokuhon (1989) AKA Circus Boys

Two brothers, Jinta and Wataru, are raised in a travelling circus. After an accident, Jinta decides to leave the circus and travels the countryside working as a con-man. After a run-in with a local gang of yakuza, he is invited to join their ranks, where he makes the mistake of falling for a boss’s mistress. Wataru stays with the circus and works hard to regain its former glory.

Director: Kaizô Hayashi.
Stars: Hiroshi Mikami, Moe Kamura, Jian Xiu, Michiru Akiyoshi, Yuki Asayama, Bunshi Katsura Vi, Haruko Wanibuchi, Yoshio Harada, Shirô Sano, Yukio Yamato, Maki Ishikawa, Akira Ôizumi, Akaji Maro. AKA Circus Boys



  1. Steves
    August 19, 2018

    Thanks for finding this request, Jon, You’re a class act all the way! Cheers, mate!

  2. Michael
    September 9, 2018

    only seen one film from Kaizô Hayashi-the excellent TO SLEEP AS TO DREAM. Many thanks for this Jon,

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