Sand (1949)


Jeff Keane’s expensive showhorse escapes from a train and runs wild in the Colorado wilderness. Keane searches for the horse while the horse learns the ways of the wild.

Director: Louis King.
Stars: Mark Stevens, Coleen Gray, Rory Calhoun, Charley Grapewin, Robert Patten.

1950 Academy Awards – Nominated for an Oscar for Best Cinematography, Color (Charles G. Clarke).


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  1. Bernard Belanger
    June 14, 2018

    I’ve been wanting to see this for a long time because of its Oscar nomination for cinematography. Sadly, this print is not great, especially during the night scenes, of which there are many. Still, I’m happy to have the opportunity to see it. Thanks Jon.

    • Jon Whitehead
      June 15, 2018

      Sorry about that, it’s the only copy I could find.

  2. Kelly
    May 21, 2019

    I watched this when I was 10 years old and have been looking for it since, I’m 55 now, so thank you

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