Don’t Bet on Women (1931)


This French-style farce is set at a large party. There a young misogynist explains why he cannot trust women. A man overhears him and wagers $10,000 that the woman-hater will not succeed in getting the next woman through the door to kiss him. He has 48 hours to succeed or fail. Unfortunately the woman turns out to be the wagerer’s wife. She gets wind of the bet and decides to teach both her hubby and the bitter young man an unforgettable lesson.

Director: William K. Howard.
Stars: Edmund Lowe, Jeanette MacDonald, Roland Young, J.M. Kerrigan, Una Merkel, Helene Millard, Louise Beavers, Sumner Getchell, Henry Kolker.


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One Comment

  1. David Lapin
    February 24, 2020

    Fantastic rediscovery from an age when witty dialogue said it all. MacDonald and Merkel are fantastic!

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