Morte di un matematico napoletano (1992)


Naples, 1959. Renato Caccioppoli, university professor in pure mathematics, is a disillusioned and tormented man who lives the last days of his life. Grandson of Bakunin on his mother’s side, interned in a psychiatric hospital for his anti-fascist acts, abandoned by his wife, and now become estranged from his own Communist Party comrades and his University collaborators, he lives his life with disenchanted detachment until his last act, suicide.

Director: Mario Martone.
Stars: Carlo Cecchi, Anna Bonaiuto, Renato Carpentieri, Toni Servillo, Antonio Neiwiller, Licia Maglietta, Fulvia Carotenuto, Roberto De Francesco, Andrea Renzi, Alessandra D’Elia, Annalisa Foà, Lucio Amelio, Vera Lombardi, Lucio Allocca, Toni Bertorelli.


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