Six-Hundred & Sixty Six (1972)


A group of people inside an underground complex which possesses high tech computers which tracks world events consider all options as nuclear war is at hand, air supplies may last only eight days and Biblical prophesy unfolds.

Director: Tom Doades.
Stars: Joe Turkel, Byron Clark, John O’Connell, Ed DeLatte, Al Chavis, Tom Doades, Robert Crawford.


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  1. March 15, 2020

    This film was produced by the Evangelical Christian Research Foundation and shown at churches and Youth for Christ centers. Despite its agenda, which isn’t obvious at first, it’s an intelligently written, fairly well-acted depiction of the Apocalypse as experienced by a small group of men stationed in an underground archive built to preserve all the literature, art, and science of mankind. With the aid of a super computer one of them proves to the others that biblical prophecies had turned out to be accurate. The take home question is: if the prophets were right about history then were they right about Jesus?

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