Schlußakkord (1936) AKA The Final Chord

A young, impoverished German woman named Hanna gives her infant up for adoption and emigrates to American to live with her husband. When her husband commits suicide, Hanna returns to Germany and works her way into becoming the live-in maid and nurse to her child being raised by an orchestra conductor and his wife.

Director: Douglas Sirk.
Stars: Willy Birgel, Lil Dagover, Mária Tasnádi Fekete, Maria Koppenhöfer, Theodor Loos, Peter Bosse, Albert Lippert, Kurt Meisel, Hella Graf, Erich Ponto, Paul Otto, Alexander Engel, Walter Werner, Eva Tinschmann, Erna Berger, Carl Auen, Margarete Arndt-Ober, Erich Bartels. AKA The Final Chord


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  1. Michael
    April 30, 2018

    thank you for this rare treasure

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