Dalla nube alla resistenza (1979) AKA From the Clouds to the Resistance


Two segments. The first one arranges six stories from Cesare Pavese’s “Dialoghi con Leucò”, taken from classical mythology. The second segment is taken from Pavese’s novel “La luna e i falò”: after WWII the emigrant ‘The Bastard’ comes back to his village in the Langhe (northern Italy) to find that everyone he knew has died and the war has deeply changed relationships between people.

Director: Danièle Huillet & Jean-Marie Straub.  AKA From the Clouds to the Resistance
Stars: Olimpia Carlisi, Guido Lombardi, Gino Felici, Lori Pelosini, Walter Pardini, Ennio Lauricella, Andrea Bacci, Loris Cavallini, Francesco Ragusa, Fiorangelo Pucci, Mauro Monni.


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  1. Michael
    April 30, 2018

    Straub-Huillet films are not for everyone but their films are unique. Ever since Class Action and History Lesson I have been intrigue by them. this film-Dalla nube alla resistenza-deserves a big ‘thank’ from me

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