Battement de coeur (1940) AKA Beating Heart

Danielle Darrieux plays an impoverished reform-school escapee who finds a new lease on life when she enrolls in a school for pickpockets run by Fagin-like Saturnin-Fabre. Before long, Darrieux is the school’s prize pupil, though she intends to abandon her life of crime should the right man come along. But Saturnin-Fabre has other ideas, and grooms Darrieux for her entree into High Society, the better to divest foreign ambassador Andre Luguet of his valuables..

Director: Henri Decoin.
Stars: Danielle Darrieux, Claude Dauphin, André Luguet, Junie Astor, Charles Dechamps, Sylvain Itkine, Pierre Feuillère, Jean Hébey, Julien Carette, Jean Tissier, Saturnin Fabre. AKA Beating Heart


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