Attention, les Enfants Regardent (1978) AKA Attention, the Kids Are Watching

Set within a seaside villa, a group of children spend most of their days watching violent television shows while under care of a nanny. One day they all go to the beach. The nanny dozes while they frolic. For a joke, they load the snoozing servant into a rubber raft and set her out to sea. She panics when she wakes up and ends up drowning. The kids do try to save her, but when they fail they decide to run wild instead of reporting the incident. The death means nothing to them until a threatening stranger appears and tells them he witnessed it all.

Director: Serge Leroy.
Stars: Alain Delon, Sophie Renoir, Richard Constantini, Thierry Turchet, Tiphaine Leroux, Adelita Requena, Henri Vilbert, Françoise Brion, Danielle Volle, Marco Perrin, Ticky Holgado. AKA Attention, the Kids Are Watching


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