Sbatti il mostro in prima pagina (1972) AKA Slap the Monster on Page One


A populist right-wing tabloid newspaper tries to derail the official police investigation of a brutal murder of a young girl in order to help the fascist and right-wing candidates it supports in the upcoming elections.

Director: Marco Bellocchio.
Stars: Gian Maria Volontè, Fabio Garriba, Carla Tatò, Jacques Herlin, John Steiner, Michel Bardinet, Jean Rougeul, Corrado Solari, Laura Betti, Enrico DiMarco, Silvia Kramar, Massimo Patrone. AKA Slap the Monster on Page One


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  1. Rob
    March 14, 2018

    Well that was quick. Thanks so much for the upload

  2. Michael
    September 5, 2023

    Thanks for posting this powerful film from Italy’s ‘years of lead’ . Serious, brave film making from film makers who had something to say and said it with eloquence and force.

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