Extérieur, nuit (1980) AKA Exterior Night

Hoping to make a fresh start, Léo, a jazz musician, takes up temporary residence with his friend Bony, a young writer who is struggling to get his work published. One evening, Léo strikes up an acquaintance with a woman taxi driver, Cora; in spite of her impulsive and moody temperament, he cannot help being attracted to her. When Bony meets Cora, he too finds her irresistible, but he lacks Léo’s self-confidence to make his move. Cora is not a woman that any man can possess readily. She is like a wild animal, a creature that revels in its freedom. Will either Léo or Bony be able to tame her…?

Director: Jacques Bral.
Stars: Gérard Lanvin, Christine Boisson, André Dussollier, Jean-Pierre Sentier, Marie Keime, Élisabeth Margoni, Lydie Pruvot, Jean-Francis Gondre, Sylvie Pinel, Henri-Jacques Huet, Roland Dufau.


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  1. James558
    March 14, 2018

    Very much appreciate this, Jon!

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