Middle Age Crazy (1980)


Bobby Lee is beginning to feel hemmed in — his wife has lost some of her appeal and his friends and family keep viewing him like the forty-year-old he will soon be. After his father dies, he is unable to take it anymore, and he hooks up with a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader on a trip to that city. He may have traded in his business suite for denim, jeans, and cowboy boots, but he soon finds that a real transformation is not so easy.

Director: John Trent.
Stars: Bruce Dern, Ann-Margret, Graham Jarvis, Deborah Wakeham, Eric Christmas, Helen Hughes, Geoffrey Bowes, Michael Kane, Diane Dewey, Vivian Reis, Patricia Hamilton, Anni Lantuch, Gina Dick, Thomas Baird, Norma Dell’Agnese, Shirley Soloman, Elias Zarou, Michele Chiponski, Jack Mather, Jim Montgomery, John Facenda.


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  1. December 10, 2019

    Man, I heard about Jim Montgomery. I heard the Dallas Stars fired him for “inappropriate conduct”. What the heck does that mean?? I’m really suprised about all this.

  2. Wolfgang Jahn
    July 12, 2022

    OMG, for years I’ve been hoping for this to pop up somewhere and HERE it is!

    I’m gonna have a great evening today!!!👏👏👏

  3. Wolfgang Jahn
    July 12, 2022

    If Ann-Margret (age 38/9 when this was shot) would want me to screw here every evening/night to give her multiple “bingos”, I guess I’d be mighty happy, mabye ask for some variation (which I’d undoubtly get, but this movie is still family fare …), but I certainly wouldn’t walk out on her…

    But today Ann is 81, so let’s forget about that/her.

  4. Wolfgang Jahn
    July 12, 2022

    Gotta admit this sounded better on paper than it looks on celluloid. The script is underdevelopped, Dern is miscast, the other actoes, hm, average, it just does not add up. A lost opportunity. Dern just looks – probably is – too much of a square, couldn’t pull that off. Should have someone like Rip Thorn or at least Sam Elliott, but not some regular guy like Dern or Elliott Gould or Donald Sutherland. Not the right type.

    I like movies about “middle age crazies”, but tjis ain’t one of the must-sees: 6/10.

    I must add that I nevertheless admire John Trent for his other effort. He did SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY aka VENGEANCE IS MINE aka SELF SEFENSE aka BLOOD FOR BLOOD, the quintessential Canadian revenge-flick starring the mighty Ernest Borgnine and the always great Michael J. Pollard. Mean ‘n lean, raw ‘n dirty, this is a diamond in the rough, uncompromising as it goes along. Rarely has any revenge movie had a bleaker ending. A fantastic print can be found on Youtube. 10/10. For that alone I give me respects to director Trent, who died much too early in a car accident after the above one was released. Sad, really sad.

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