Middle Age Crazy (1980)

Bobby Lee is beginning to feel hemmed in — his wife has lost some of her appeal and his friends and family keep viewing him like the forty-year-old he will soon be. After his father dies, he is unable to take it anymore, and he hooks up with a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader on a trip to that city. He may have traded in his business suite for denim, jeans, and cowboy boots, but he soon finds that a real transformation is not so easy.

Director: John Trent.
Stars: Bruce Dern, Ann-Margret, Graham Jarvis, Deborah Wakeham, Eric Christmas, Helen Hughes, Geoffrey Bowes, Michael Kane, Diane Dewey, Vivian Reis, Patricia Hamilton, Anni Lantuch, Gina Dick, Thomas Baird, Norma Dell’Agnese, Shirley Soloman, Elias Zarou, Michele Chiponski, Jack Mather, Jim Montgomery, John Facenda.


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