Mahoney’s Last Stand (1972) AKA Mahoney's Estate


In this rare and virtually unseen film we follow the exploits of Leroy Mahoney as he settles in the country leaving behind a wayward life to work his land. With plot only provided as subtext, the simple story is a dramatization of a man and his resolve to live a quite honest life farming.

Director: Harvey Hart & Alexis Kanner.
Stars: Maud Adams, Alexis Kanner, Diana Leblanc, Sam Waterston.¬†AKA Mahoney’s Estate


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  1. Robert Russell
    October 4, 2018

    This film has a cult following of sorts since it was so hard to find. If anyone likes quirky humor and back to the land sentiments, watch this. A million thanks to Jon for providing this, and so many other celluloid delights.

  2. November 20, 2018

    Leroy Mahoney has got to be the oddest character ever portrayed by an actor. In this case the actor was also co-director and co-writer, one Alexis Kanner, who grew up in Canada, performed Shakespeare with the Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Orson Welles. He’s probably best known in the US for a couple appearances in the TV series The Prisoner. One never knows what’s going to happen in this story of a strange young man who decides to buy a farm and live off the land despite the fact that he knows nothing about farming. I don’t think Kanner knew where the story was headed either but his performance holds it all together. Ronnie Lane (Faces) and Ron Wood (Rolling Stones) collaborated on the score. It’s a bit long but still a refreshing break from all the formulaic Hollywood fare.

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