‘Non’, ou A Vã Glória de Mandar (1990) AKA No, or the Vain Glory of Command


Episodes from entire military history of Portugal are told through flashbacks as a professorish soldier recounts them while marching through a Portuguese African colony in 1973.

Director: Manoel de Oliveira
Stars: Luís Miguel Cintra, Diogo Dória, Miguel Guilherme, Luís Lucas, Carlos Gomes, António S. Lopes, Mateus Lorena, Lola Forner, Raúl Freire, Ruy de Carvalho, Teresa Menezes, Leonor Silveira. AKA No, or the Vain Glory of Command


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  1. michael
    April 8, 2018

    Manoel de Oliveira film-wow. forever thank you

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