September 11, 2023 / Comedy

Zaza is a good-looking and intelligent Israeli man in his thirties, but despite his family’s wishes he is still a bachelor. His relatives, holding fast to the traditions of their Georgian Jewish heritage, try to arrange a marriage for him by setting him up with a series of eligible young virgins. Zaza, however, is secretly in love with Judith, an opinionated divorcee with a young daughter. As Zaza struggles to decide between tradition and love, Late Marriage manages to become comic, emotional, and erotic all at once, while constantly maintaining respect for both sides of the debate. 

April 9, 2023 / Short

In just 14 minutes, Avraham Heffner’s short film successfully refines the confession of a quarrel and reconciliation between an ageing couple in late 1960s Tel Aviv. The heroine’s omnipresent, stream-of-consciousness narration provides a harsh account of life together. And though it is a short film, Slow Down was nonetheless hailed a harbinger of a new style of Israeli filmmaking and storytelling, while director Avraham Heffner himself admitted it was his favourite film. Based on a short story by Simone de Beauvoir (L’âge de discretion).

March 30, 2021 / Comedy

A young New York woman, devastated to find out that her husband has been cheating on her, decides to hop a plane to Paris to get away. However, she falls asleep on the plane, misses her connection, and winds up in Israel, with no money, no luggage and no friends.

February 9, 2021 / Drama

The film is based on the true story of a senior member of the Polish Politburo and his wife who are both abruptly banished from the party. While they struggle to figure out why, having unusual encounters with people they do not know in the process, things start to take a darker turn when the wife is sent to a mental asylum and their 15-year-old daughter is kidnapped.

November 21, 2020 / Drama

Tells the story of two women seeking leads to their missing husbands after the end of the Yom Kippur War (1973). A relationship builds between them when each identified her husband in the same blurred image of a foreign newsreel.

November 12, 2020 / Western

A nun, the only survivor of an Indian massacre of a wagon train, is taken in by a cantankerous old gunfighter who helps her to evade the marauding Indians during her attempt to reach Sante Fe. During the arduous journey they slowly develop an unlikely friendship and respect for each other despite Madron initially treating Sister Mary very badly as merely a sex object.

November 20, 2019 / Documentary

An historical document made up of footage and stills shot by the Nazis. A compilation of testimony from witnesses who appeared at the Eichmann trial provides a telling narrative. The film’s title refers to the story of a Jewish boy in one of the ghettos, who was struck with 80 blows. He survived and immigrated to Israel, where he found that no one believed his story – which for him was the 81st blow!

July 28, 2019 / Drama

King Saul of Israel is jealous of the fame and adoration of David, who long ago slew Goliath and brought victory to Saul’s armies. Now Saul, egged on by his Edomite counselor Doeg, attempts to have David killed. Saul’s son, and David’s best friend, Jonathan, conspires to help David, who is reluctant to fight back against his own people the Israelites.