Category: Experimental

April 11, 2020 / Arthouse


Through the experiences of two women in Paris and London, Ghost Dance offers a stunning analysis of the complexity of our conceptions of ghosts, memory and the past… The film focuses on philosopher Jacques Derrida who considers ghosts to be the memory of something which has never been present but which takes us by surprise.

March 8, 2020 / Experimental
February 23, 2020 / Documentary

Several well-known and pioneering abstract filmmakers discuss the history of non-objective cinema, the works of those that came before them and their own experiments in the field of visionary filmmaking.

February 1, 2020 / Animation

Very hard radiography of repression, torture and the unstoppable desire to achieve freedom. The untold protest drawn by OPS, with a mouth that screams in a face that has literally sewn other parts, becomes one of the most political and adult works of Spanish animation.

February 1, 2020 / Experimental

0cm4 is the philosophical story of a color-blind man called Maeda who decides to have an operation to cure his vision. The problem is that he is not quite sure if he wants to do it, as he thinks that everybody else in the world sees things differently. He’s afraid that after the operation, his world is not going to be the same.

January 11, 2020 / Experimental


Zoltán Huszárik paints a lyrical portrait of the Hungarian-born sculptor Amerigo Tot, who achieved world fame in Italy. The associative short film focuses on the inspirations of creation, the relationship between man and his creative work, which are fed by the experiences of everyday life and the materiality of objects. The series of milestone works in his career are counterpointed by the episode when the artist returned to Hungary. Here, too, Huszárik worked together with János Tóth, who as cinematographer and editor contributed to the unique ambience of this portrait film, the audio-collage accompanying the images is the work of Péter Eötvös.

December 5, 2019 / Documentary

In 1978, Ruiz was commissioned to make a television documentary about the French elections from the viewpoint of a Chilean exile in the 11th arrondissement. But, contrary to the producers’ expectation, the Left lost. Ruiz seized on this anti-climax to make a documentary about nothing except itself – a film whose central subject is forever lost in digression and ‘dispersal’, harking back to his Chilean experiments of the ’60s. It is the best, and certainly the funniest, of self-reflexive deconstructions of the documentary form. Ruiz drolly exaggerates every hare-brained convention of TV reportage, from shot/reverse shot ‘suture’ and talking-head experts to establishing shots and vox pops (narrator’s note to himself: “Include street interviews ad absurdum”.) 

December 2, 2019 / Animation

In a mainframe, a series of punch cards are used to process data. One punch hole is bored. It decides to harass some of the other holes hoping that it would be more exciting. Can the other holes keep him in check?