Topos (1985)


From the Medieval period through the Renaissance, Antoinetta Angelidi’s experimental work of allegories and aesthetic compositions contemplates the treatment and representation of women in Western art, moving through several historical stages and intertwining them with abstract sequences of perceptions, memoirs and varied perspectives, all of this executed with a very theatrical presentation.

Director: Antouanetta Angelidi.
Stars: Jany Gastaldi, Maya Lymberopoulou, Annita Santorinaiou, Arietta Moutousi, Klairi Mirtsiki, Martine Viard, Takis Moshos, Stavros Tornes, Stefanos Kotsikos, Petros Zarkadis, Maria Panoutsou, Hrysa Ropa, Giannis Heimonidis, Zoi Voudouri, Akis Davis, Iro Kyriakaki, Eleni Demertzi.


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