Category: Drama

October 28, 2018 / Drama

Filmed in the autumn of 1975 prior to and during Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue tour – featuring appearances and performances by Ronee Blakley, T-Bone Burnett, Jack Elliott, Allen Ginsberg, Arlo Guthrie, Ronnie Hawkins, Roger McGuinn, Joni Mitchell, Mick Ronson, Arlen Roth, Sam Shepard, and Harry Dean Stanton – the film incorporates three distinct film genres: concert footage, documentary interviews, and dramatic fictional vignettes reflective of Dylan’s song lyrics and life.

October 27, 2018 / Drama

Tula, a thirty one year old unmarried woman, whose sister has just died, decides to bring her brother in law, a bank employee and his two children into her home. As she takes over the management of their lives, she gradually usurps the privileges of her brother in law, and his children. She acts as a wife mother figure, but does not accept the sexual commitments or maternal responsibilities of her new role.

October 26, 2018 / Drama
October 26, 2018 / Arthouse
October 26, 2018 / Adventure

Bill Rourk, an ex-Coast Guard crew chief, is tricked into volunteering for the Coact Guard Officer’s Training School, following the Japanese sneak-attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Rourk’s preference would be to keep the higher-paying and more-secure job in a civilian shipyard. Coadt Guard Commander McFarland first meets Rourk at the shipyard and, later, is his superior officer at the officer’s-training-school. Rourk fails to get his Ensign’s commission, and then finds he has been assigned to McFarland’s command at sea. Matters are not helped any by both men being rivals for Louise Ryan, the admiral’s daughter.

October 25, 2018 / Drama

A stranger named Constant, disrupts life of Flora who is seemingly happy with her husband, Lucien. She suddenly experiences a passionate love, taking refuge with her lover in a cave they call “home under the sea.”

October 25, 2018 / Drama

Francois is a French rebel-without-a-cause. He rides around on his motorbike in a leather jacket, goes to beatnik clubs and has casual relationships with girls like Stephanie. He spurns his wealthy lawyer father, who catches him stealing his money and burning some important legal documents. Determined to teach him a lesson, Francois’ father has him locked up in a mental institution under the supervision of the hard-line Dr. Varmont. Inside, Francois makes friends with another patient named Heurtevent, who, like him, dreams of escape. Together, they make a break for freedom…

October 24, 2018 / Drama

Based on a venerable Legend of the Sea, the story concerns a pliable prostitute named Bella who is all things to all men. No matter what sort of woman her client wants, she will become that woman — at least for the night. When a middle-aged man named Jean insists that Bella is his long-lost sweetheart, she plays along, hoping to escape her sordid lifestyle. The emotional tragedy that follows is meant to explain how Bella became “Maya,” the living embodiment of Lost Souls.