Xica da Silva (1976)


The uncommonly sexy, clever and ambitious slave Xica Da Silva won her independence and much more in mid-19th-century Brazil by using her feminine wiles and her lovemaking prowess to induce the Portuguese town governor to grant her freedom. In so doing, she became a legend and an inspiration to Brazil’s large population of slaves and (eventually) ex-slaves. This film tells her story.

Director: Carlos Diegues.
Stars: Zezé Motta, Walmor Chagas, Altair Lima, Elke Maravilha, Stepan Nercessian, Rodolfo Arena, José Wilker, Marcos Vinicius, João Felicio dos Santos, Dara Kocy, Adalberto Silva, Julio Mackenzie, Beto Leão, Luis Motta, Paulo Padilha.


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  1. Michael
    March 15, 2019

    truly, this is a must see film

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