Manifesto (1988) AKA A Night of Love


In a small European country, the king is scheduled to visit a small, quiet and “safe” village. It turns out that while the village may indeed be small, it’s neither as quiet nor as safe as it’s expected to be. Loosely based on the novella Pour une nuit d’amour, by Émile Zola.

Director: Dusan Makavejev. AKA A Night of Love
Stars: Camilla Søeberg, Alfred Molina, Simon Callow, Eric Stoltz, Lindsay Duncan, Rade Serbedzija, Svetozar Cvetkovic, Chris Haywood, Patrick Godfrey, Linda Marlowe, Ronald Lacey, Tanja Boskovic, Gabrielle Anwar, Enver Petrovci, Zeljko Duvnjak.


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  1. Jon W.
    January 28, 2019

    RIP Dusan Makavejev (October 13, 1932 – January 25, 2019)

  2. Arthur Maglen
    May 11, 2022

    This is a great film, sharp satire enlivened with plenty of sex as only Dusan Makavejev can do. Aussie actor Chris Haywood (he’s been in everything) has a hilarious supporting role as a photographer with a model, his bits alone are worth the price of admission.

    Really hard to find movie for some reason, don’t know why, Makavejev’s other classic flicks like MONTENEGRO, SWEET MOVIE, W.R. MYSTERIES OF THE ORGANISM etc can be found without too much work, eg at

    Thank you very much RareFilmm for making this available – I saw it first at a film festival decades ago, loved it.

  3. Arthur Maglen
    May 11, 2022

    (that’s Chris Haywood and his model in a tree in the video scene above, with the village schoolteacher temporarily oblivious in the foreground LOL makes me smile just thinking about it – another great role for Haywood was as a doctor who treats an eccentric assortment of patients for venereal disease in very funny comedy THE CLINIC (1982), another hard-to-find movie (I have it on an ancient VHS tape, haven’t yet gotten around to ripping it)

    Acceptable quality version downloadable from here:

    FUN STUFF: You might enjoy spotting the Goggomobile Bloke from this old Oz advert making an appearance in THE CLINIC
    everyone of my generation remembers this, ‘No, no, not the Dart’ became a catchphrase LOL

    August 22, 2022

    Nice to find this today! I remember being 5 years underage for the then rigorously applied rating system and sneaking into the local art house to see WR: MYSTERIES OF AN ORGANISM. I was reading Wilhelm Reich at the time and I’m so glad I saw that film — I’ve never forgotten it nor anything else to which Dusan Makavejev put his hand. Thanks, Jon — a new one for me!

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