Mortu Nega (1988) AKA Those Whom Death Refused


The story of a woman who searches through the country for her husband, a resistant, while the war for independence is raging. She finds him at last and saves his life. When peace finally arrives, they have to learn how to be together again and start living in a destroyed land.

Mortu Nega, as its title implies, is a unique kind of elegy — not so much to the victims of the liberation struggle as to its survivors. Like the Zimbabwean film Flame (1996) and Gomes’ own more disillusioned second feature Udju Azul di Yonta (1991), it is a bittersweet eulogy to those veterans who gave so much yet often benefited so little from the struggle. The film poses a question facing much of Africa at the start of the 21st century: with the goal of independence achieved, what can serve as an equally unifying and compelling vision around which to construct a new society? Or, as Chris Marker observed in his 1980 documentary San Soleil, coincidentally contemplating the decay of Guinea-Bissau’s revolution: “What every revolutionary thinks the morning after victory: now the real problems begin.”

Director: Flora Gomes. AKA Those Whom Death Refused
Writers: Manuel Rambout Barcelos, Flora Gomes, David Lang
Stars: Bia Gomes, Tunu Eugenio Almada, Mamadu Uri Baldé, Sinho Pedro da Silva, Homna Naleté, M’Male Nhassé, Flora Gomes, Irene Lopes, Caio Leucadio Almeida, Abi Cassamá, Tomas Cabral, Ernestro Moreira, Noemia Katar Madi, Francisco Dias, Carfala Djassi, Ermelinda Goncalves, Tomango Candé, Irene Dias Camara, Edna Rosa, Fernando de Pina, Ivone Leite Lopes, Maria Cenira de Carvalho, Gildo Mendes.
Cinematographer: Dominique Gentil.
Composers: Djanun Dabo, Sidonio Pais Quaresma.


MP4 | 1.27 GB | 706×426 | 25 FPS | 1800 kb/s | AAC 161 kb/s
Language: Kriolu & Portuguese | Subtitles: English (hard)

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Only copy of this film available on the whole internet, unfortunately with hardcoded subtitles.

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