Don’t Shoot the Composer (1966)


DON’T SHOOT THE COMPOSER is far from an ordinary profile of Georges Delerue. It also serves as a calling card for Ken Russell, whose work would define the 1970s as Delerue’s did in the 1960s. It begins with a sly work of pastiche, parodying the conventions of French noir. It goes onto encompass slapstick, verité scenes of the Delerue family and a harrowing montage of the Vietnam War. This eclectic approach gives us a sense of the different facets of Delerue’s life- his love of cinema, his home life, his work ethic. It also prefigures Russell’s feature length biopics of Mahler and Liszt, though in a more modest- and lucid- fashion.

Director: Ken Russell.
Stars: Georges Delerue, Ken Russell, John Drummond.
Composer: Georges Delerue.


MP4 | 965MB | 688×576 | 25fps | 2526kb/s | AAC 132kb/s
Language: English & French | Subtitles: English (for French parts only)

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Many thanks to Allan for the synopsis.

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